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When ordering cleaning, it is important that you send your message via Book Now. You will find on the front page. with information about the task and how I get in touch with you .. thank you!

I mainly use Effective natural products from added artistic oils and leaves a super good result.The products are in the shop here on the website. which you are welcome to order and try.

Some years ago I worked at ISS Randers, where I had many different cleaning tasks, primarily at companies, including Grundfos Langå, Jensen’s beef house Randers, Dronningborg machine factory.

I have also been employed in a private cleaning company where I was the boss’ right hand! I was partly out in the field with the customer and other times I sat on the account. I felt like starting myself.

A few years later, we had to move and the company was transformed into selling sustainable products. At the same time, we had Airbnb in our house in Randers C & and in Brejning.

We rented out a fully furnished apartment to customers from all over the world. The customers went in and evaluated our place plus communication before, during, and after the stay. We also value customers.

Therefore I have chosen to focus on cleaning jobs for you, hence this page.

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